Welcome Letter from our ELC Teacher

  Dear Students, Parents, and Teachers: I am thrilled to be back at The Cornucopia Foundation's Environmental Learning Center for another year of helping students connect with and learn from Nature.  Engaging our student learners in meaningful hands on activities that opens their sense of wonderment and fascination with the natural world is one of our missions at the ELC.  Nature has been perfecting itself for about 3.8 billion years and is the ideal teacher for showing us how to do things.  In studying and learning from nature our students, our  future leaders are discovering ways to solve problems in our human built world.   Some of the topics we will be exploring this year are Biomimicry, Permaculture, Composting & Worm Farming, Planting & Harvesting, Animals in Nature, and Nature Journaling. Please keep checking back to our ELC Blog page where I will be posting weekly updates on our classes. With Sincere Gratitude, Joseph Peck

Joseph Peck, ELC Teacher