Read what educators in the community are saying about the Cornucopia Foundation and its Environmental Learning Center: • Jerry Block, Principal of Malibu High School, said that it was a very “impressive program” after personally experiencing a class in action.

Charles Kertesz, Math and Science teacher at MHS “Being able to use resources such as Cornucopia, students get to engage in standards-based learning outside the classroom and enjoy the beauty of Nature and time spent outdoors. Here in Malibu we have the opportunity to use the outdoors as an extension of the classroom in the processes we learn. Some of the aspects we touch upon are learning about matter, weather, temperature, the environment, systems, elements, chemical and physical changes, greenhouse effects, global warming and climate, to name a few. It is used as a stage to help our students explore learning through various types of methods and can expand our students horizons in many ways."

Dr. Pamela Herkner, Principal of Juan Cabrillo Elementary School “Our students learn through hands-on minds-on experiences at the Cornucopia outdoor classroom/lab integrating together all areas of the curriculum; reading, writing, math, science, etc, they are learning in the classroom with environmental science into a meaningful real-life experience.”

Barry Yates, former Principal of Juan Cabrillo Elementary School “These kids have the experience of learning in the outdoor classroom and I believe it would be wonderful if this could be continued into middle school and beyond... Cornucopia has come a long way in enhancing the learning experience for kids.”

Patricia A. Cairns, former Principal of Juan Cabrillo Elementary School "I'm extremely grateful for Cornucopia's contributions to our school, and it is our hope that other schools will realize how valuable this program is, so that we can see it continuing to grow and blossom throughout the community."