• To begin the process of becoming a Non-Profit Foods Vendor, please fill out the Non-Profit Market Application for General Vendors below.

  • Upon your acceptance, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • A copy of your Seller's Permit.

  • A picture of your products/display.

  • Proof of Non-Profit status.

  • A copy of Insurance Certificate per our Insurance Requirements for all Farmers Vendors. We do not provide insurance to our vendors. If you need assistance obtaining insurance you may contact ACT Insurance company. Website: Phone: 888-568-0548; email: INFO@ACTINSURANCE.COM

  • For additional information on what may be needed, please click here for the list
  • To cause less confusion or any misunderstandings, you need to appoint one person to be the representative for your company to have any/and all interaction with The Cornucopia Foundation such as complaints, suggestions, and payment.

  • Application (Non-Profit)

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