A Fun Volunteer Opportunity!

Hello again, kind reader! Now, when you were a child, did you like to play outside? Personally, I feel as though I lived in my treehouse for the first decade or so of my life... those were such blissful afternoons, enveloped in lush leaves and heady sunshine. To be honest, I never grew out of it.... I think those endless hours engulfed in fresh air are the reason I have a passion for the outdoors, today.

Come be a part of The Cornucopia Foundation's movement to encourage this love of nature in young people! This Saturday, a fun group of volunteers will be helping to maintain and beautify The Environmental Learning Center, and you are invited to join us! It's going to be a fun afternoon of hands-on work, and, fear not, the labor won't be extremely intense. Primarily, we will be painting and staining a laboratory section of a classroom so that children can use it to learn about ecology and sustainability. (If you need service hours for another organization such as a Greek group, besides providing the Environmental Learning Center with much-needed help, this event will be a fun way to earn those.) Pepperdine Students:meet in Rho Parking Lot this Saturday, October 23 at 1:45pm if you would like to carpool to the site; we will be back at 6pm at the very latest. If you can't commit your entire afternoon, please join us, anyway! For those of you driving yourselves to the Center, meet us in the parking lot of Malibu High School. This is going to be a wonderful afternoon...  see you there! (and check back in a couple of days for photos!) With Love and Kindness, Elizabeth Neville at The Cornucopia Corner